biggestloser-300x0First let me say I have nothing but the highest respect for the contestants, trainers and staff on the Biggest Loser. They work very hard.
I am a Nutritional Consultant and weight loss is my specialty. I once weighed close to 440 pounds. It seems every time, before the next season of The Biggest Loser comes on I get a little nervous and anxious.  I know what its like to lose 200+ pounds and keep it off. But I did it over 2.5 years. I exercised everyday for 2.5 years and haven’t stopped yet. I get nervous for the contestants because they have no clue what they have signed up for in this show. Yes, you can see how hard they work out but that is an edited one or two-hour show. That doesn’t cover the 6 hours of exercise they do every day. It’s a lot different when you are working out with the trainers in that gym.  The pain or deprivation becomes very real. I just hope in the end they get it off and keep it off! I am shouting and pulling for them with all I have.
Certainly they have the best of everything. Personal trainers dedicated to them 24/7, on call medical staff, physical exams all during the program, a nutritionist to guide their diets daily. So I should be very happy for them and the awareness the Biggest Loser brings to America right? And I am thrilled for the contestants and the attention being brought to the weight issues in America, I have issues with the program. So what is wrong with the program?
My Issues with The Biggest Loser
This puts enormous stress from public scrutiny on the contestants. Did they lose the weight and are they going to keep it off? Where ever they go their behavior will forever be watched.
I do not agree with putting children through this type of show. The stress is too much. They should be taught how to live healthy from parents and their school systems who have been trained by qualified health professionals.
Its an unhealthy way to lose weight.
The show is helping the contestants and others lose weight but send the wrong message with it. The weight loss is too quick. The person watching from home can’t lose weight this way. If they try those methods they are going to possible cause bodily harm or set themselves up for a big failure making it even more difficult to lose weight in the future. The average person at home now wants to lose 40 pounds the first month. I see the effects of the show in my practice. The overweight and obese expect Biggest Loser results at home, which is impossible.
It’s a very difficult transition for the contestant from the ranch to their home environment. It is going to be difficult to keep up that weight loss once they leave the Biggest Loser campus. The show is providing some level of support once they are home but is it enough? It has to be a huge adjustment going from a life dedicated to working out with personal trainers, nutritionist and medical staff on call and all you worry about is losing enough weight to stay on the show.  This is enormous pressure. They lose all of those resources.
What happens to the person that badly needs to lose the weight once they are kicked off. Is there support at home to tech them how to lose the weight safely and in a healthy way?
Losing weight is about nutrition, diet and lifestyle knowledge.  A person should never try to lose more than ten (10) pounds per month. A lifestyle change is what it takes. A lifestyle last forever a diet is temporary.
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Just my opinion.
Healthy Wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.
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