By Kendra Thornton (Guest Author and blogger) and Wally Bishop C.N.C.
You have more than likely seen Kendra on TV giving travel tips and advice. She is a highly respected professional in her field.  Hopefully she will contribute more to us so we can share with you her valuable insights into healthy traveling. You can discover more about Kendra and her business here
Staying fit is very important for me. Furthermore, I try to keep my family fit whether we are on vacation or at home. While we are on the road, it can be quite challenging to stay healthy. At the same time, there are effective ways in which we can eat healthy and get exercise. Here are some tricks that I have found beneficial.
Buffets in Moderation
While on the road, we frequently encounter numerous buffets. I am not complaining at all, since there is quite a large amount of delicious food to be had. While eating at a buffet and staying healthy can be a challenge, I found that an important key is moderation. My plate is filled just once, and there are plenty of vegetables that I add to my tray. If I splurge, I follow up with a vegetable meal the next time that I eat.
Healthy Hotel Amenities
Hotels these days are doing a better job of providing healthy activities and snacks for guests. When our family arrives at a hotel room, we refuse the mini-bar key. After all, there are many unhealthy snacks that are available there. My children try looking for a food store that has healthy options we can all enjoy. Before our trips, my husband likes to look for hotels that offer a gym or a pool for us to get exercise. Sometimes, the best place to workout is a gym next to the hotel.
Water Up
Water is important for everyone to drink. The more water we drink, the better we feel. After all, traveling can cause dehydration among people. Drinking up water certainly helps to prevent this. We try to keep our hotel room, vehicle and backpacks stocked with water.
Water On
Speaking of water, getting out on the water is a great way to stay fit. Paddle boats enable our children to work off some energy while we are out and about. Canoeing keeps my husband and me active. Being out on the water helps everyone burn off unnecessary calories. We get a workout even though it does not seem like we are exercising.
Daily Routine
Sticking to a routine is important for our family in staying healthy. It certainly helps as we are doing outdoor activities, and that includes sports. To even take this routine to another level, we always try and book a hotel with a quality gym. We were able to book one for our upcoming trip to Orlando. Researching can be difficult at times as there are so many places to stay however there are sites that let you read user reviews like Gogobot that make it a little easier. I try to continue this healthy lifestyle when we are out on the road. When we eat healthy, we all feel fantastic.
Explore Your Surroundings
Almost every vacation destination has intriguing places to visit. It can be greatly enhanced by renting a bicycle or bringing your own if you are driving. Cycling is easy and fun and adds exercise in a very enjoyable way. The whole family can do it! Additionally walking down boardwalks at the beach or hiking nearby trails at the beach and mountains can build fitness and even make the sightseeing more enjoyable.
Eating Like the Local’s Do.
I always try to find those “out of the way places” that the local’s enjoyed. This allows you to really see the diet of the local culture, not what they perceive you want to eat. Just remember moderation is essential while vacationing because it’s a given that you are going to eat more unhealthy than you normally would. When possible make healthier selections to balance out the fun foods.

Snacking While Vacationing
This is one area of your diet that you can control easily. Nature has many foods in snack form that are healthy. Nuts and seeds come in packs that are easy to carry in a pocket, hand bag, back pack or vehicle. Just as easy, fruits are already wrapped in their own natural packaging and are easy to carry. Try to stick with berries, apples, bananas and pears. Many veggies also come is easy to carry form requiring little more than an insulated cooler. Never leave foods that spoil easily in the heat for very long. This can ruin a vacation quickly!
De-stressing After the vacation
When possible I always allow an extra day at home to rest before getting back to the normal schedule. Even though vacations are fun and can help us get away from the daily grind of life they impose their own unique type of stress. If you have a way to wash clothes before leaving, doing so removes that task when you get home. If you have a smart phone or tablet, spending 10 minutes everyday answering messages will keep you from spending all day when you get home getting caught up. These little things will make your vacation better, healthier and more stress free!

Healthy Traveling!
Kendra Thornton and Wally Bishop C.N.C.
and @WallyBishopCNC
The contents of this blog are not and should not be considered medical advice. This blog is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. Never quit taking prescription medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.

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