same old thinkingBefore you go any further, process this fact; only 5% of overweight people that diet and lose some weight keep it off long term. Long-term means greater than 5 years. Doesn’t that make you ask why do we keep doing something that we know is failing? Trust me, I battle with this daily, trying to understand why Americans can’t see that if you must continually repeat a previous method to fix a problem (being overweight), the problem has never been fixed!

There are many reasons for this failure. The biggest is not in the physical; it’s in the mental. What’s in your head may be a cause of your growing waistline. As soon as you begin thinking about dieting, the body begins the process of protecting itself from the deprivation it suffered through during previous diets.

Depending on which number this is, the 2nd attempt to lose weight or the 10th, your body bases it’s reaction on the combined effects of them all.

If you look back, you may recognize each time you diet, your ability to stay on it is more difficult. Just the fact that you must keep dieting should tell you it’s not working!

Additionally, every time you begin the planning processes of dieting (you may not realize you are doing it but you are) your brain begins planning its ways to sabotage you. Yes, your own brain will start strategizing against you! Face it, you never wake up one morning and decide today is the day I will begin the Paleo or Low carbohydrate diet. No, you listen to friends, research articles on the internet, fight with yourself over which is the best for you, and ultimately which one will yield the quickest results so you can get back to your life again! Dieting means that at some point you must go back to your previous unhealthy lifestyle, once you reach your goal, or more likely, you just give up and quit. Your subconscious mind remembers everything, each diet’s struggles and the stress it put on your body. It wants to protect itself from self-inflicted lack of calories, lack of nutrients, pain and the misery of depravation. Yes, admit it, sometimes you starved or undernourished your body by limiting calories or certain macronutrients like fats and healthy carbohydrates because you lump all fats and carbohydrates into the “they are bad” category. The fact is both are necessary for life and optimal health. You just need to understand which ones are good and which ones are bad.  You may have even over exercised while malnourishing your body at the same time.

Oh, don’t forget you are still agonizing over having to exercise more. You ask yourself repeatedly, “is it really necessary?” You look for every reason not to exercise. Again, more stress on your mind and across you entire body. You go through the same process of selection. Do I need a trainer? What gym is best? Do I really need to go to a gym? Should I tell my friends I am even going to diet again? Agony and misery over shedding the pounds you are tired of carrying. Does this sound familiar to you?

Before you ever begin the new diet routine you are already failing. The amount ofstress being generated through this whole dieting process is a destructive force in itself. Stress causes hormonal imbalances, a lower functioning immune system, poor digestion, insomnia, fatigue and a release of the fight or flight hormone cortisol which loves to build belly, buttock and hip fat.

You must change your thinking about the weight problem.  The weight is not the issue.  It’s your thinking that is the issue! You are conceding to a quick fix because you think you are a caterpillar when you are really a butterfly that just doesn’t know it yet.

Beginning the weight loss process.

Accept that your previous attempts have been failures. Yes they have, or you wouldn’t need to lose weight again! It’s okay! We all must go through this realization before we can become the butterfly.

Accept that only a permanent lifestyle change can bring permanent weight lose and a bounty of health improvements with it.

Begin to think about the foods you eat. The next time you eat or drink, look at the food or drink and ask; is this healthy for me or not? There is no food that is neutral. It’s either nurturing your body or robbing your body of nutrients. Make a choice to consume or not, but understand the circumstances.

Put healthy affirmations around your home, office and even car. It’s important for you to verbalize them, say them and not just read them silently.

Possible affirmations;

  • “I am going to nourish my body with nutritious foods.”
  • “I am going to enjoy real foods and enjoy learning new recipes.”
  • “I am going to enjoy exercising because it will make my body healthier and feel better”
  • “I am going to be more adventurous with new healthy foods and learn to enjoy them”
  • “I am not going to make any more excuses, I am going to become the butterfly permanently!”
  • “I am going to learn what harmful foods are and limit them in my life.”

Verbalizing these affirmations will retrain your thinking, so your mind will work with you to achieve your health goals!

Begin educating yourself on what foods are healthy and which ones are not. Begin to make healthier choices. If you choose a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time, you will begin to lose weight and build health. Your body can’t help but get healthier!  Vive can be a big part of making your body healthier!

If you change your thinking you change your world.

Healthy wishes

Wally Bishop C.N.C.


The contents of this blog are not and should not be considered medical advice. This blog is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. Never quit taking prescription medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.

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