This is where enzymes live! RAW FOODS

Enzymes are a type of protein and act as catalysts that promote chemical actions at the cellular level. There are two major actions in the body in which things are made and another in which things are broken down. These too systems are called the catabolic (tears down) and the anabolic system (builds). Enzymes are a major part of these two systems.
Digestion requires enzymes that tear down foods to their smallest molecular state for absorption and utilization in our bodies.  In our metabolic system enzymes prompt actions that convert things from one form to another. This is extremely important and we could not live without enzymes. Our bodies make several quarts of enzymatic fluid everyday.
Most enzymes do other things than digest foods. In fact, the body is designed to provide only a small amount of enzymes for food digestion. Our body has limited enzyme resources and is only going to produce so many.  If the enzyme resources are constantly being used to digest foods, others systems and organs can’t do their job as well and suffer the consequences. Our heart, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, liver, muscles and other organs also need enzymes to do their jobs.
So where should our food digesting enzymes come from? The answer is living plant foods. Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds have live enzymes that will do the majority of digestion of the foods once they have been sufficiently chewed to release the enzymes. When we eat these living foods in raw form (not cooked) we get enzymes that support our body. The enzymes raw foods provide keep your pancreas from being overworked and can add years to your life
Enzymes also carry nutrients and can’t function without certain nutrients.  Some enzymes carry specific vitamins and minerals and without the presence of the vitamins and minerals the enzyme can’t do its job. It’s sort of like going to the prom without a date. You are there and are available but with no partner to dance with. Enzymes need vitamins and minerals to dance! This is just one reason getting lots of vitamins and minerals in your body is so important.
If your enzymes can’t do their task due to a lack of nutrients that means you can’t build hormones, make and repair tissues, make adequate energy, blood cells or immune compounds.
Once the temperature of a raw food goes beyond 117 degrees enzymes die and in addition some vitamins are damaged.  Eating raw veggies and fruits insures you get maximum nutrient content. Living foods contain enzymes.
In a nut shell, eating raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds will give your body the enzymes it needs allowing the body to produce enzymes for other very important life support functions. The body is only going to make so many enzymes and when it reaches that point, well death is at the door.
Please make raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds a part of your daily diet routine. Your pancreas will love you for it.
Healthy Wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.
The contents of this blog is not and should not be  considered medical advice. This blog is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. Never quit taking prescription medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.

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