People that live healthy lifestyles (perception is seldom the truth) can and do develop adverse health condition’s, major illnesses and in some cases diseases. A healthy lifestyle does not guarantee health but it does greatly increase the opportunity for a healthy body, less illness and disease and higher quality of life very late into life.
My clients come from all walks of life (artist to zoologists), all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds and all levels of health.  Some clients are frustrated when we first meet because they seem to be living a healthy lifestyle but are experiencing health issues that will not go away or even improve. Their idea of a healthy lifestyle isn’t always “as healthy as they think it is”  and that is usually shocking to them.
Occasionally, people who change to a healthy lifestyle think they will be immune from adverse health conditions because they now eat broccoli, sprouts, blackberries, avocados, drink alkaline water (a waste of money) and avoid processed foods and fast food like the plague.  They are now on a mission and are all in.  They get sick and are baffled, many times its just life. Life is full of anomalies.  We see people who live very unhealthy lifestyles but experience a full life and live to ninety years old. Other times we see people who are living a very healthy lifestyle get ill with a disease or serious adverse condition and to that person it is very confusing and certainly discouraging. What went wrong?
Most of the time it’s just the hand we are dealt that we must play. Genetics, chemical exposure, nutrient intake, water purity, bacteria and viral exposure, fungal exposure, parasites, exercise or the lack of and stress are all factors in addition to that healthy lifestyle.

Becoming driven to be their healthiest!

The newbies entering a new wellness journey are very excited and enthusiastic about their new opportunity for health and wellness.  However, some fall prey to the excitement and begin to try every new supplement, diet fad and exercise that is now the buzz. They become more focused, even driven, in their quest to be their healthiest. They begin to cut out certain food groups to the extreme. For example,  the all fruit diet, the high protein diet, the low carb diet, and they take it to an extreme level.  In some cases, they lower their calorie intake because they have narrowed their food selection. If they continue in their obsession they become blind to what health and wellness really is.  This obsession can become fatal.  This obsession is called Orthorexia. Orthorexia causes severe nutrient deficiencies leading to major disease and illness.
There is a difference between being excited and enthusiastic about a new lifestyle and Orthorexia. The person with Orthorexia is clearly obsessed about the foods health impact. They have lost their balance.  Foods should be nutritious but enjoyable and even fun. It’s okay to have a burger, brownie, pizza, sub or what ever you like occasionally. It keeps us happy and balanced. Practice the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time and you will make a positive impact on your health.

What is wellness?

Wellness is an overall condition of mind, body and spirit in which emotional happiness and the body’s ability to work in a healthy state has found harmony. To be more in-depth; Wellness begins to happen when the body has an ideal nutrition bank, adequate exercise, lots of love and laughter, lots of clean water, managed stress, fresh air and sunshine and a connection to our creator.   Wellness is a balance between a healthy lifestyle, our work, family responsibilities, social responsibilities and our toxic environment.  The key is learning to balance and be happy. Perfection is impossible and trying to make it will just create sickness.
Just be happy!
I wish you the very best in health and wellness,
Wally Bishop C.N.C., I.N.H.C.
Developer of Vive
The contents of the email or written communication are not medical advice and should not be considered as such!  This blog is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your physician or health care provider if you have medical issues and before changing your diet or lifestyle or taking herbal or dietary supplements. Never start an exercise program with getting your doctors approval. Never quit taking medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.  Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs.

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