Stop Watching and Start Playing in Life!
My name is Victoria D. and I would like to take a moment to tell you about my success with Wally. I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I was spiraling down hill so fast, I was 30 years old, 372 pounds, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad ulcers, bad back, you name it I had it. I was on so many meds. I was addicted to food and everything I ate was horrible for me! I reached out to Wally for help and of course without hesitation he generously offered all his help to me. Wally introduced me to Viveshake and taught me the foods I should avoid and what's good for me! I went through detox and it was yucky for a while and I know I called him or messaged him 3-4 times or more a day and he never left me alone in the process, he was always willing to help me, I had a work party to go to with my husband and I was freaking out not knowing what to eat he went over the menu with me and told me to relax and showed me what was good to eat so I would not worry about what I could and could not eat, I was freaking out because by that time I haven't ate outside my house and I finished detox which was no fun to go through, and I was feeling better and my stomach was better and I didn't want to go back! Wally helped me every step of the way! He never made me feel bad when I had messed up, he helped me stop beating myself up and just move on and start fresh, anytime I had questions or concerns he was there no matter the time or day! It's been 10 months and my a1c went from 12.6 to 9 and I have lost 59 pounds so far and 2 pant sizes, I still have a ways to go but I know I would not have made it this far without Wally! I also know he will be by my side as I continue this journey! Wally is absolutely amazing and he truly cares and is willing to help anyone! He has changed my life and saved it too! Give Wally a try I promise you won't be let down at all!
Victoria D.

“Wally Bishop, CNC, is a phenomenal guy and an excellent health coach.

I first consulted with Wally when I couldn’t recover after bike rides. I felt like my usually mild rheumatoid arthritis symptoms were increasing and my energy for daily living was decreasing. When I had to wait months for an appointment to see a medical specialist, I decided to work with Wally in the meantime to do what I could with food to support healing and recovery.

In our initial consultation Wally pieced together symptoms I never thought were related and gave me a plan that was simple to follow. He warned me it might take weeks or even months to notice a dramatic difference but that I would see small improvements right away. He was RIGHT! Four months later I feel like myself again, most of the time.

And when I’ve been discouraged or struggled, Wally is just a text message away with refinements to the plan and words of encouragement.

If you aren’t feeling your best, I’d say consult with a nutrition counselor. And if you are lucky; Wally might even take you on! He is passionate and committed to helping people change their lives for the better with a simple tool we encounter every day – delicious, healthy FOOD!”
– Joanne B.

I have known Wally for about 2 years. He continually amazes me with how much he gives of himself to those all around him. Wally has a sincere enthusiasm and passion for helping and coaching others to be well not only with diet, nutrition and exercise but also in their emotional mindset. Because Wally has traveled the path of his own wellness journey successfully for many years his understanding and personal experiences greatly enhance his understanding of the path of others. I decided recently to make healthier choices with nutrition and exercise because I found I have severe gluten and dairy intolerances which were presenting as though I had an auto-immune disorder with a ton of what seemed to be unrelated health issues including asthma. Simply speaking, I was incredibly sick from the inside out. After years of battling so many symptoms I decided that it was time to make some changes. Wally has been by my side every step of the way for 2 months now. Every time I have a question, struggle, frustration or success, Wally is always available to help or celebrate with me. We changed what I was eating by eliminating gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Within 4 days my asthma symptoms were almost gone. Within 2 weeks the auto-immune symptoms were gone and my digestive system was healing and not in knots with every meal. Now at only the 6 weeks mark I have lost 18 lbs., am down 3 pants sizes and have gone from little to no exercise, to walking approximately 5 miles a day. If this can happen in 6 weeks with the proper support and coaching I cannot imagine all the fantastic things to come with these lifestyle changes. Thank you, Wally, for all you do for others every day! If you are serious and have made up your mind to change your life, I highly recommend having Wally as your wellness coach. He has truly made the difference in my journey and I know he will in yours too!

Kimberly A.
Hello this is Frank D. I just wanted to tell you thank you I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the end of the class because I had to ride with somebody back to my plant but I have been using the material that you gave me to improve My Health and I can truly say your classes have been a mind transformation! I really like the saying good health is earned!

Frank D.

If you've ever spent any time with me, you've probably heard me talk about adding anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and getting those inflammatory foods out of your diet. Wallace Bishop taught me so much about nutrition through individual counseling as well as group meetings that I attended. If your eating habits need an overhaul, you need to meet this guy. Many of the concepts that I've incorporated into my life in the last year have come from Wally. I know that it must make him so happy to see that after three years of telling me all of this stuff, I've finally started making these changes. It's not easy to stop eating sugar, or stop drinking diet coke and when I was sick, I didn't really see the need to stop because I was already sick. Now that my health is improving so is my desire to continue that pattern. I hope that you will consider meeting with Wally even if it's just to talk to him about where you are and get some direction. Thank you Wally, for the impact that you've had on my life and for helping me get healthy again. I still have a way to go, but I'm finally on the right path.

Laura D.

Thank you Wally for all your help and direction. I feel so much better. I know I have a long road ahead but I have come a long way in a short time. It's amazing how much better I feel since following your suggestions and drinking Viveshake. I don't have skin problems (on occasions vs everyday) my digestive system is amazingly better and I am no where as tired as I was only 3 months ago. I am close to my goal weight and weigh the least I have in 16 and 1/2 years! I feel like a "normal" person! I am that 1% person and the time you have spent researching to help me is so appreciated. Thank you is not enough. I look forward to living in my new healthier body. It's not been easy, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. Keep up the good work of helping other people find health and healing. You have been a God send to me.

Jessica C.